Concerns About Regional Measure 3

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Regional Measure 3 on the June 2018 Ballot

The June 5, 2018 ballot of all nine Bay Area counties will see a particularly questionable proposal:  Regional Measure 3.  Concerns over this measure are so plentiful that we have collected some of them in this special section of the Nine-County Coalition website.

No matter how powerful legislators and/or unelected bureaucrats become, We the People still have the ballot box.  We still have this last measure of control.  We hope you will acquaint yourselves with the challenges posed by Regional Measure 3 before you vote on June 5, 2018.


If you would like to share the information on this post with those who might be interested, you can download a two-page handout.  One page describes RM3, and the other lists concerns.   Download

Toll Increases Are Not the Answer We Deserve

Where is the equity? That is what East Bay legislators have been asking proponents of Regional Measure 3 (RM3) to increase our six state-owned bridge tolls by up to $3 per crossing. Unfortunately, the problem is even worse than most realize and the wrong people are being asked to foot the bill for the Bay Area’s transportation problems.

...the current structure of RM3 makes it one of the least equitable plans ever conceived. Under the current plan, projects in Santa Clara County are set to receive 23 percent of the proposed new revenue generated and BART — which does not directly service Solano County — would receive nearly $1 billion, all on the backs of East Bay residents, including residents of Solano County for whom BART is not a realistic optionRead More

Metropolitan Transportation Commission and "Ice Tea"

MTC’s forever growing bureaucratic power and its spendthrift tendencies have been the subject of numerous articles on this website.  Also often mentioned on this website are MTC’s origins as a product of Plan Bay Area, Senate Bill 375- “Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act of 2008,” and Assembly Bill 32- “California Global Warming Solutions Act.”  

However, it might also be useful to discuss MTC’s role as the official federal Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) tasked with promoting “sustainable development” as envisioned by federal legislation. Read More

Regional Measure 3 on the June Ballot

Nine-County Coalition participants have concerns over Regional Measure 3 (RM3).  The measure will most likely appear on the June 2018 ballot of the nine Bay Area counties.  As in the case of 2016 Measure AA, RM3 depends for passage on the combined approval of voters in all nine Bay Area counties.  Unlike Measure AA, RM3 will only require a simple majority of “Yes” votes to pass, since RM3 is a toll not a tax. Read More