Governance by regional bureaucrats destroys government as envisioned by our Founding Fathers.  The Nine-County Coalition seeks to offer solutions to challenges affecting the San Francisco Bay Area that do not weaken existing governmental jurisdictions.  Cities, counties, and states are government jurisdictions.  Regional agencies are not.  Voters have control over officials serving in government jurisdictions, but no control over those administering agencies. We thank you for visiting the NCC website.   


Vote at the Ballot Box

The Nine-County Coalition was formed to address concerns about legislation that reduces residents’ control of their cities and counties.  There have been many such pieces of legislation within the past few years, and NCC participants have expressed concerns over many of them, as exemplified in several articles on this website.

The June 5, 2018 ballot will see a particularly questionable proposal:  Regional Measure 3.  Concerns over this measure are so plentiful that we have collected some of them under the “Regional Measure 3” tab on the navigation menu!