Update: SB 828 Sails Right In

Today, Tuesday 24th, Senate Bill 828, containing and enforcing essentially the same housing strategy as SB 827, sailed right through the Transportation and Housing Committee hearing.  While during last week's hearing several committee members expressed opposition to SB 827, the silence today from most committee members was deafening.  Senators Beal, Allen, McGuire, and Gaines spoke of their "concerns," such as the fact that Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) is unfunded -- we need money there!  If it sound that legislators are back to business as usual, they are. 

Time for Change

The takeaway might be that if the big concern according to those who spoke at the hearing is that money is needed to fund RHNA mandates, then opposition strategy could include ensuring that not a penny goes towards RHNA funding!

Populations grow and wane.  Cities and counties need to adapt to growth and contractions.  But why all this angst?  Why the strategies set in stone that do not achieve their expressed objectives?  Is it time for residents to demand different approaches?