You a Liar - The Death of Below Market Units


Contributing author:  Lisa Taner

They say they fight for affordable housing for all, at all costs, so build, build, build - details be damned. They are the hardcore YIMBYs (Yes in My Backyard), but here is a little something that calls them out on their touted motives.  I like to call it a "Below Market Free Pass" and developers are going to eat it up.

It's a bill called AB1505 and it effectively ends a city's requirement for developers to include low income housing in their plans. Beginning January 1, 2018, cities must offer developers the option instead of in-lieu fees or building units off-site of the proposed development.

The California Association of Realtors commented on this bill last summer when it was being proposed, and said, it "purports to address the low-income housing problem, but does nothing to encourage the construction of housing for low-income individuals.”

So, YIMBYs, WHERE WERE YOU LAST SUMMER??  You show up at city council meetings all over the County pushing against all the resident taxpayers of each of those cities to override their concerns and build, build, build...BUT WHERE WERE YOU?  You, who say you represent the folks who can't afford housing.  You, who point fingers at homeowners as if they were somehow objects of disgust because they worked hard to scrimp and finally own a home of their own - and now have the audacity to have an opinion about where they live...We should have heard you from the rooftops shrieking over AB1505...but no.

It begs the question: WHAT ARE YOUR REAL INTENTIONS?  AND WHOSE INTENTIONS ARE YOU ACTUALLY PROMOTING? Because obviously, low income folks, they ain't in it for you.

Legislative Information:  AB1505 was signed into law by Governor Brown 09/29/17.  "AB 1505 is narrowly focused on allowing local inclusionary policies to require the provision of affordable rental housing, if so desired locally, effectively restoring the law as it stood prior to 2009."

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