What Does Globalization Have to Do With Regionalism?

Every movement has contingents, people who emphasize one or another aspect of the movement.  Therefore, people and organizations deeply concerned about the growth of regionalism frame their objections differently.  Most voters are familiar with the concerns of taxpayer advocates (taxation that results in hardships), individual liberties advocates (central planning), strict Constitutionalists (destruction of representative government), and social justice activists (inequitable taxation and inequitable accrual of benefits). 

However, voters may not be as familiar with concerns over globalization of governments.  Those who oppose this type of globalization, oppose regionalism as representing a first step towards a global government.  From this perspective, the United Nations is viewed as the principal incubator of agendas that obliterate local self determination – the central agenda: Agenda 21.  The original United Nations Agenda 21 is not a complicated document.  It is a simple list of 8 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  As in the case of Measure AA, Agenda 21 goals are desirable, but implementation ruinous to local self determination.

Goals formulated by top-down entities such as the United Nations tend to grow in coverage and intensity.  Thus now we have Agenda 2030. “The General Assembly:  Adopts the following outcome document of the United Nations summit for the adoption of the post-2015 development agenda.” The document is on the UN website.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, Rosa Koire, Executive Director of the Post Sustainability Institute, is at the forefront of fighting regionalism from a globalization perspective.  A lawsuit, The Post Sustainability Institute et al. v. Association of Bay Area Governments et al.,  is currently in the Docket of the First District California Court of Appeals. 

We invite you to read Rosa Koire’s article which she submitted to the Nine County Coalition website, Measure AA is a Trojan Horse:  Vote No.  You will find the article below.

We also invite you to think about the 8 Millennium Development Goals and how you believe they might be implemented.

Millennium Goals

Measure AA is a Trojan Horse:  Vote NO

By Rosa Koire

Never before have the nine counties been taxed as a single entity.  Why?  Because they are not a single entity.  They are nine separate counties.  So what?

This is a Test. The environmental issue is a smokescreen, a green mask, for the major play here: empowering and funding a new form of government, regional, that destroys representative government. What does this mean for you? The new 'region', the Bay Area, becomes the political and financial gorilla that crushes your ability as a voter to control your life. Instead of working with local, county, and state representatives you'll be subjected to the power of the OneBayArea: 9 counties / 101 cities where you have no meaningful representation. This is what happened with PlanBayArea. We are suing to stop this, but we lost at Superior Court and are appealing, with your help. [03/18/16 Request for oral argument filed with California First District Appellate Court].

Measure AA is a new first-of-its-kind parcel tax in the San Francisco Bay Area. The "emergency" that the SF Bay is facing, the environmental devastation in the SF Bay, you are told, must be dealt with, and $500 million is urgently needed.  You were told that this tax concept is new because people of the nine counties around the San Francisco Bay will have every one of their parcels assessed a $12 tax annually to 'save the Bay.' The ballot measure is on the June 2016 ballot so that the people of these counties can essentially vote together to empower an obscure new agency that has been taken over by powerful Silicon Valley Agenda 21 corporate interests.  

The core danger of regionalization is that you have no vote, no voice, no ability to influence this unelected board / commission. Regions break jurisdictional boundaries and destroy representative government. A region is a supra-governmental organization. Full globalization can only happen with the interim building block: regionalization. The same group sponsoring this, Silicon Valley Regional Forum, hosted futurist Paul Saffo recently, who said that in 50 years the United States would be erased and replaced with Mega-Regions. What voice, what power, will you have if this goes forward? None. These people have an agenda: UN Agenda 21. Before you scoff at it and roll your eyes, take a moment and take a look at the truth behind Sustainable Development. This is not about recycling. This is about full globalization, mega-regions, and handing what little power you have left to an unelected board with a 'vision.'

Now those Silicon Valley corporations that have been using their money to establish their power will be using your money to maintain and grow their power.


We are fighting to stop the worst regional plan in the United States here in the SF Bay Area--its impacts will be felt all across the nation.  We believe it will be the template for the rest of the country and have launched a legal challenge to stop it.  Will you help us defeat this UN Agenda 21 plan by making a donation to the legal fund? 

Rosa Koire is Executive Director of the Post Sustainability Institute.  She maintains three informative websites: